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  • Women and Families
    Sheila Jackson Lee knows the challenges that working women face. She has fought for equal pay for equal work for women, against discrimination and sexual harassment, and for paid sick days so working people can better provide for their families. She has fought successfully to restore funding for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, to prevent cuts to Head Start, and to increase funding for public schools. Sheila Jackson Lee has been a champion for criminal justice reform and juvenile justice reform. She strongly supports bail reform and has authored bills to help families of the incarcerated. And Sheila is fighting every day to end the epidemic of mass incarceration that unfairly targets African Americans.
  • Education
    Sheila Jackson Lee has led the way to bring billions of dollars in federal education funding back to Texas. She also secured a one-million-dollar grant for after-school programs in Houston schools. Sheila has introduced over 400 bills on education, on everything from increasing funding for education, to protecting Head Start school readiness programs from cuts, and everything in between. Sheila is committed to cutting student loan interest rates and to enabling Americans to graduate college without debt. She will also fight to crack down on abusive lenders who take advantage of students. Sheila has brought billions of dollars in federal education funding back to Texas and will never stop working for good schools for our children no matter where they live and fighting to keep our neighborhood schools open.
  • Job Training
    Sheila Jackson Lee’s top priority is the creation of good-paying jobs that provide everyone the opportunity to sustain their family. As Congresswoman, she has worked to expand vocational and job skill training so that our young people and the unemployed can get trained, and she has created multiple opportunities to connect them to good-paying jobs.
  • Health Care
    Jackson Lee believes all Americans should be able to afford to see a doctor. She stood up AGAINST Trump and the Republican health care plan that would have kicked thousands of Texans off health insurance. Shiela is a sponsor of the Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions and Making Health Care More Affordable Act of 2019. And she is a strong supporter of the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act pending in Congress. Sheila will continue to fight to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, expand access to affordable health care, and lower the cost of prescription drugs. She has been instrumental in expanding the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and protecting Medicare and Medicaid benefits targeted by Republicans. She is also working to pass legislation to prevent deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth.
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